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Sound Sensitive Installations

What are sound sensitive installations?

These types of electrical installation take into consideration the effect that electricity carrying wires can have on a sound sensitive environment. Examples of this include effective grounding methods which reduces possible interference experienced by electronics and instrumentation from radio frequency noise. Additionally, we install wiring that does not create noise due to vibration.

Why is it important?

When building a home theatre or sound studio there can be many technical considerations and costs involved, ensuring the electrical will not cause problems down the line is paramount in reducing the chance of further expense often at the end of the project.

How we can help

With over 25 year of experience and hundreds of installations under our belts we have build a wealth of experience with these type of projects. We strive to offer solutions that will offer value long into the future.


We understand that budgets can be tight so please contact us to discuss how we can deliver a safe and reliable solution while keeping costs under control.

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