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Knob and Tube and Aluminum Wiring Upgrades

What is Knob and Tube and Aluminum Wiring and Why Should I Think About Replacing It?


Knob and Tube wiring was a common form of wiring up until the 1940's. While the ESA in Ontario doesn't forbid K&T wiring it does require it be in good condition, not contact insulation, and not have any additional wiring added to it. The last one is often the largest issue, as our home electrical demand increased greatly after WW2, commonly addition outlets or lights were added to the existing circuitry that wasn't meant for the additional load.


Aluminum wiring was installed at a time of particularly high copper prices, late 60's to mid 70's. The common issues with this wiring are incorrect combining of aluminum to copper and using unapproved devices. Due to the soft nature of aluminum, often over time it will cease making good contact with screws and begin to arc, creating a fire hazard. There are a range of options to deal with this aluminum wiring, we will be happy to explain all of them to you.

How We Can Help.

With over 25 year of experience and hundreds of wiring upgrades under our belts we have built a wealth of experience with these type of projects. 


We understand that budgets can be tight so please contact us to discuss how we can deliver a safe and reliable solution while keeping costs under control.


By Laura Scudder - Laura Scudder, CC BY-SA 3.0

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