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Need a Service Panel Upgrade?

Common Types of Service Panels

Typically Ontario panels will contain either fuses or breakers. Fuses were common up until the 80's when breakers began to gain in popularity. There are many reasons why breakers are the preferred option. Fuses rely on heat to physically melt a small metal 'bridge' inside the fuse in order to disconnect the circuit. Most are imprecise, need to be replaced when tripped, and can be easily swapped with larger rated fuses causing a fire hazard. Breakers are far more precise, are resettable and are not easily swapped.  

Why Upgrade?

There are many reasons why you may consider upgrading your service panel such as: ​

  • Many new installations require AFCI breakers

  • Inadequate space or amperage for second suites, hot tubs, saunas, or EV installs.

  • Old technology or install methods (fuses, meter on inside of home)

  • Defective equipment.

Cost of Upgrading

The cost of upgrading your service can vary depending on many factors but generally speaking a 200 amp service upgrade in an average sized home will cost in the region of $3000-4000. Its often cost effective to include other electrical upgrades and repairs at the same time.

How We Can Help

With over 25 year of experience and hundreds of panel upgrades under our belts we have built a wealth of experience with these type of projects. We strive to offer solutions that will offer value long into the future.


We understand that budgets can be tight so please contact us to discuss how we can deliver a safe and reliable solution while keeping costs under control.

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